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We thought we would post this excellent look book from Garbstore because the styling and scenario set up is fantastic. The Garbstore FW 2014 collection has been in store for a few weeks now and their “Unfamiliar Vintage” philosophy always impresses us. So take a stroll their personal urban landscape of London’s Garbstore. More pictures below.

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What would it sound like if machines could take drugs? We imagine it would sound a lot like the new Aphex Twin record Syro. After a 13 year hiatus, Richard D. James the rogue mutant behind the acid drenched sonics of the Aphex Twin moniker has returned with a record that once again stands alone as an undefinable piece of techno mastery.

Unhinged synthesizers, acid squelches, funk stabs and digital melodies abound on Syro but the most impressive element is James’s ability to make timeless electronic music. The track titles are almost un-decipherable (how does 4bit 9d api+e+6 sound for a song title..?), the record was first released from the hacker Deep Web and the cover art is a twisted case of iPhone filters gone wrong. Despite all the marketing hoopla there is a central program at work through this album that pulls from the ambient, acid, IDM and Detroit databases of techno that make Syro unique yet familiar. 

Syro is the work of a master magician who operates outside the mundane worlds of trends, genres and industry standards and this latest conjuring is prime for possessing earbuds or dance-floors.

Other works by Aphex Twin you may also dig are Richard D.James (1996), Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992) and Druqks (2001).           

Patchwork jacket by Garbstore x Indigo Farm, sweater by Norse Projects, Pants by Barena Venezia. 

Look features vest and shirt by Engineered Garments, and pants and scarf by Barena Venezia.

Select pieces by Oliver Spencer are now available in store and online, including this shirt made from a dark abstract floral printed fabric. 

Beautifully crafted basics are back for Fall thanks to National Athletic Goods and Homespun. 

New arrivals + a new (to us) credenza. 

BK trash cans. Understudy does NY for men’s market. 

The return of Stan. Now available in-store. 

A S/S 14 dream kit

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